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Badge Scheme

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At Helen Diamond Swimming we use the ASA badge scheme and all children will aim to complete at least one badge per term.

In the Beginner classes the children will be aiming for their ASA stage one and stage two and  Duckling badges which consist of varying skills and water confidence.  They will also be aiming to reduce their arm discs and eventually swim without any aids at all leading to their first distance badges (5m and 10m).   Children who are able to swim for most of the lesson with none or 1 arm disc on each arm will be moved into Beginner Plus, which will prepare them for the Improver class (where they will generally swim with no aids).

Once the children are confident swimming 10m on their front and back they will be moved into the Improver group.  This group is based in the midle of the pool and the children will concentrate on Breast Stroke, Backstoke, and be introduced to Front Crawl with their faces in the water.  The children will start to work towards their ASA stage three, Water skills awards and further distance badges (15m, 20m and 25m).  Children who are showing a good breaststroke, backstroke and confidence in swimming crawl with their faces in the water will move to the Improver Plus group, which is also based in the middle of the pool, to build their confidence in the deep end before moving to the next group ( Stroke Improvers).

When the children are confident in the deep water and are able to show correct Breaststroke, Backstroke and Front-crawl they will move to the Stroke Improver group which is based in the deep end.  The children will continue to work towards their ASA stage 4,  Water Skills badges and continue to aim for higher distance badges (50m, 100m, 200m).

In the stroke improver group the children will continue to perfect their strokes and build their stamina, sometimes working in the lane when convenient.

When the children are able to swim 50m of each stroke confidently and correctly they will move into the Advanced class which takes place in the lane.  The children will receive stroke technique and stamina building whilst aiming for their stage 5 onwards, Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards and further distance badges (200m, 400m, 800, 1600m).  When the teacher decides a child is ready, they will inform the child that they are ready for Lane Swimming.

Lane swimming takes place Saturday and Sunday. These sessions are aimed at pre-club level swimmers or are an ideal alternative to Swimming Club.   During these sessions there are four lanes out and the children divided into lanes on their ability – these sessions enable the children to build stamina and speed whilst also receiving stroke technique.  If children are interested in moving on to swimming club after this session then the coaches will only be to happy to advise.

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