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Terms & Conditions


Helen Diamond Swimming School reserves the right to cancel classes in which the number of attendees falls below a viable level. In such cases every effort would be made to find a suitable alternative. If a suitable alternative is not found and the course has already been paid for a credit note for the full course will be issued and can be used for any future course booking. If there are any changes to the existing charge then the difference must be paid. No credit will be given for any non attendance for example – Holidays, sickness. Credit will only be given at Helen Diamond's discretion for long term sickness, hospital appointments and operations. Credit for these long term medical issue and will require a prior written request for credit and in some situations a doctor’s note.

PLEASE NOTE: Out of consideration for other Helen Diamond Swimming School customers if you wish to cancel your lessons for the next term please do so at the earliest point possible to release your reserved space for others.

NO REFUND POLICY: Unfortunately, once commited to a terms lessons or the Intensive holiday lessons, refunds will not be given.


Payment for Helen Diamond Swimming School lessons can be made in the following ways:

    • Cheque: Made payable to ‘Helen Diamond Swimming’ OR ‘HDS’ with the swimmer/s name/s and the name of the term written on the back. They can be given to the Receptionist at the swimming pool or sent in to the office to the following address:

      Helen Diamond Swimming
      Oak Tree court
    • Mill Lane
    • Ness
    • Ch64 8TP

    PLEASE NOTE: Any unpaid cheque returned to us will incur a £5 administration fee payable to Helen Diamond Swimming School in addition to the normal charge for our swimming lessons.

    • Cash: Preferably paid at the swimming pool to the Receptionist on the desk only on the first week of term. After the first week only cheques or bank transfer will be accepted unless agreed with Helen.  Any cash sent to the office through the post is sent entirely at the customers own risk.

Medical Information

Please advise us at the time of booking of any medical conditions we should be aware of for a swimmer. These can include: asthma, epilepsy, allergies etc 

If at any time a swimmers medical condition changes, that we as a company should be aware of, you must inform us as soon as possible. This can either be done by calling the office on 0151 327 4994 or informing the supervisor at the swimming pool. All medical information will be treated with the strictest confidence.

Children who need access to inhalers should take them onto poolside and give them to their teacher or have them readily available for the duration of their lesson.

During the course of the term, if your child suffers from any gastric or vomiting illnesses please be aware that it is recommended your child does not swim for at least 48 hours following. This will help provide a safe and hygienic environment for our swimmers to learn in!

Please make sure your child has at least an hour after eating before having their swimming lesson

At the Swimming Pools

Parents must stay in the vicinity of the swimming pool during their child’s swimming lesson.

Please park on the main road and not on the swimming pool grounds or Gourleys Lane, Gourleys Lane is a very small Road and EMERGENCY SERVICES must have access at all times. Helen Diamond Swimming School cannot accept any responsibility for cars.

Please ensure that your children use the changing rooms to get changed in and not poolside.

Any child of eight years of age and over should get changed in their own sex changing room. Staff will ask any children who appear eight years or older to comply with this request.

No outdoor shoes are allowed on poolside. They must be taken off before entering the pool area.

Food and drink is not permitted on any poolside.

Please note: that all articles left on the premises at any of the pools we use are left entirely at the owner’s risk. We cannot be held responsible for any lost or damaged items.

In case of emergency, and if an evacuation is necessary, please stay calm and follow the guidance of our staff.

Lost Property

The Pools own staff will check the premises at the end of every session. If any items are found they will be left at the Swimming pool and it will be your responsibility to retrieve these items. It is not Helen Diamond Swimming schools responsibility for any items left on the premises.  You can contact the Pool direct on Calday – 0151 625 7170 or Birkenhead Girls School– 0151 652 5777.

Our Services

All beginner classes are limited to a maximum size of 5 swimmers. All beginner Plus classes are limited to a maximum size of 6 swimmers. All Improver classes are limited to a maximum size of 10 swimmers. All Improver plus classes are limited to a maximum size of 8 swimmers. All stroke improver classes are limited to a maximum size of 10 swimmers. All Advance classes are limited to a maximum size of 12 swimmers. All Lane Swimmer classes are limited to a maximum size of 40 swimmers.

Helen Diamond Swimming School

Helen Diamond Swimming School reserves the right to change its terms and conditions at any time.